ProMéxico MIM

A country well connected

Mexico has excellent communication infrastructure. Its road network and railroad system communicates the interior part of the country, the north and south borders, making connections between the United States, Guatemala and Belize, and the west and east coasts, joining the sea ports on the Pacific Ocean with those on the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, at the Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, there are many internal distribution terminals or "dry ports" communicated with the main sea ports, helping to reduce costs and expediting the transportation of goods.

Records of 2012 show that 5.1 million of trucks and 62.7 million of vehicles crossed the US-Mexican border, through its 54 crossings. Mexico has 9 formal border crossings in the south (8 with Guatemala and 1 with Bellice).

Mexico has:

  • 76 open airports (12 for domestic traffic and 64 for international and domestic transportation).
  • 117 sea ports (49 cabotage ports and 68 grand cargo and cabotage ports).
  • 27 thousand kilometers of railroads.
  • 133 thousand kilometers of paved roads (120 thousand kilometers of two lane roads and 13 thousand kilometers of highways of four lanes or more).