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Site Selection ProMexico… A city to suit your needs

Welcome to “Site selection ProMéxico”; a tool that will allow you to evaluate different cities in Mexico for easily finding the one that best meets your business’ requirements for its strategic location.

The variables to evaluate consider macroeconomic and productivity indicators; statistics related to infrastructure, logistic access, labor force, quality of life, as well as availability of basic services, for 78 cities in Mexico. At the end of the evaluation, the site will let you know the profile of the best qualified cities.

"Site selection ProMéxico" is user-friendly. Through our online selection module, you will have the option to ponder based on the importance that you wish to give to each of the indicators. This process will produce a list with the highest level of specificity as possible, considering the characteristics of each of the cities in Mexico that best meet your business’ needs.

In ProMéxico we are ready to assist you step by step in the investment or reinvestment process of your company at our country. Please feel free to contact us at

ProMéxico wants to be your personal business agent, since investing in Mexico is a good decision and a safe bet.

Mexico is opportunity!