A country of young people

By the fourth quarter of 2017, Mexico summed a total population of 124 million of inhabitants and an Economically Active Population of 54.7 million people, as INEGI reported.

According to CONAPO's forecasts, Mexico currently presents a demographic bonus that will last the next two decades.


Currently the population in working age represents 66% of the total population. It is estimated that during the next two decades Mexico's population in working age will be of more than 80 million people and will continue to represent more than 65% of the population.

Source: ProMexico with CONAPO data, 2018.

A country with qualified labor force

According to National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education's data, 125 thousand engineering and technology students graduated from Mexican institutions. From UNESCO's 2015 data, in Mexico there are 40% more graduates per capita in manufacturing and construction engineering than in the United States, 61% more than in India and twice as many as in Brazil.