A competitiveness cluster is a group of actors from the triple helix (government, academia, and businesses) gathered in a common territory, who collaborate on innovative projects geared towards certain markets. This clusters have the following characteristics:

  1. It is composed of groups or collectives representing triple helix actors, out of which at least one provides the cluster with a certain degree of cohesion and identity.
  2. It is in a defined geographical area -be it a city, a metropolitan area or a state.
  3. It offers several different forms of collaboration in line with the needs of its members and their respective markets.

The thematic networks bring together players interested in joining capacities to facilitate technological and innovative insertion. They come together in research centers, laboratories, and public and private universities. Their goal is to maximize the installed capacity of their members through communication networks and close collaboration, and thus strengthen their capacities with a market approach. These networks complement the work of competitiveness clusters as they become an important link between them.

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